Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Advantages of Overdentures

Through age, disease, and trauma, at some point it may be necessary to look at solutions for replacing teeth. Though many options exist, overdentures have proven to be a more patient-friendly option than other traditional solutions.

Overdentures are a stable, long-term solution to replacing missing teeth. They are customized to fit the patient’s mouth and facial structure, resulting in a more natural and secure bite, allowing patients to bite, chew and speak with confidence.

What are Overdentures?

An overdenture is a removable set of dentures which covers or is fixed to one or more remaining natural teeth, natural tooth roots, and/or dental implants. Overdentures are also referred to as overlay dentures or implant-supported dentures.

What are the Benefits?

An overdenture fits in such a way that the palette remains exposed, allowing patients to continue to enjoy the experience of eating. And, because the overdenture is securely fixed to implants it stimulates bone regeneration for a more secure fit.

Other advantages include:

  • Function – Missing teeth make normal dental function challenging, if not outright impossible. With overdentures, patients are able to chew properly which aids in digestion. They are also able to eat without restriction, allowing for a healthier diet and overall wellness.
  • Speech – Overdentures restore the patient’s ability to speak without impediment, discomfort, or feeling self-conscious.  
  • Comfort – Overdentures are designed to fit more comfortably in the mouth and don’t irritate the gum tissue. Modern dentistry involves using materials that are more bio-compatible and non-allergenic, which improves the comfort levels experienced by overdenture patients.
  • Convenience – Traditional dentures can require the use of messy and unreliable denture adhesives. Overdentures are fitted in place using the existing teeth, roots or with implants, which removes the cost and inconvenience associated with traditional denture adhesives.
  • Economical – It is possible a dentist can modify your existing dentures in creating the overdenture, which can significantly cut down the cost and time involved in the initial stages of the process. 
  • Minimally Invasive – Overdentures are fitted onto another structure and require a minimal number of implants. 

Overdentures are not for everyone, but it’s easy to determine whether or not you will make a good candidate through a dental exam. For more information, contact Dr. Lawrence Bauman or schedule a consultation to find out if you qualify for overdentures.

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